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I formed Kidder Corp Coins to challenge my competition to lower their prices if they want your business. If your coin source is providing you with good service, a good product, and a fair price don’t change your coin company. There are many good companies out there and they deserve your business. I personally would like to thank them for their continued service to the men and woman who wear our service uniforms proudly. I’m here to challenge the others who don’t meet your expectations. Give them a chance, all companies have bad days. Hey, we are the middlemen in this operation and we are negotiating with factories on the other side of the world, language is a challenge, time is a challenge, and shipping is a challenge.

Since Sept of 2005, Kidder Corp Coins grew from a one man operation (That would be me!) to a small family business. We are serving many more customers than we ever imagined. Our new customers come to us by word of mouth. I cannot afford to advertise any other way!

Our customer service and quality coins can be matched. Remember, ‘if you are satisfied’ my goal is met. There are plenty of you that are not satisfied. By the way, I am not the cheapest source of coins and pins, I’m not trying to be, my prices are fair, my service is honest and the coins are ‘sweet’.

Marty Kidder